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Tuftane TPU Film

About Tuftane Thermoplastic Polyurethane Films
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What is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)?

TPU is a high performance polymer with outstanding versatility offering a unique combination of properties found in both plastic and rubber:

  • - Wear, tear and puncture resistance and high strength for durability
  • - Excellent elastic memory over a wide range of temperatures and as low as -70°C
  • - Soft touch – ideal for skin contact applications
  • - Good environmental durability with resistance to hydrocarbons, chemicals, ozone, bacteria and fungus
  • - Easily processed using conventional methods such as die cutting, RF welding, vacuum forming and heat lamination

Where is TPU used?

The applications are almost endless.  TPU is found all around us -  in our homes as textiles and insulation, our hospitals as medical devices, our work place as furniture and soft touch surfaces, our cars as acoustic isolation and protective coatings, our aircraft as adhesive and inflatables, and our clothes as waterproof linings and elastic.  From advanced technologies such as robotic human hearts to every day items like shoes. 

TPU is often the designers preferred plastic material because it offers outstanding design flexibility with its range and combination of  useful properties, safety approvals, and recyclability.

What is Tuftane TPU?

Tuftane is TPU processed through a film extrusion line converting the material into a high performance thin film, exhibiting excellent elastic recovery. The film is produced in  thicknesses between 0.025 mm and 0.95 mm and supplied in roll form of various sizes to suit individual preferences.  Over twenty different grades are available, some with special properties such as fire retardancy, microbial resistance, low melting temperature, anti static, or radiation resistance.  Tuftane TPU film product can be colour matched to suit individual preferences.

Tuftane Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Film